Diagnostic testing - Measurement of specific IgE antibodies to seminal plasma proteins in your sexual partner’s seminal fluid.

Screening/Pre-Treatment - Desensitization to relevant seminal plasma proteins in your sexual partner’s seminal fluid determined to cause your symptoms.

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    We will work with you through your family physician, internist, allergist, or other physician. Your physician will be responsible for sending us your medical records and performing the pre-screening blood tests and cultures that we require prior to accepting you for treatment for seminal plasma allergy. We also will request follow-up blood tests and communications from your physician after we have completed your care. Patients who are accepted for care by our group receive that care during a 2-3 day stay in Cincinnati, Ohio. Both conjugal partners must be present during the treatment. Treatment plans are usually scheduled two-three months in advance, after the patient has been accepted for care by our group.

    Prior to acceptance for treatment, both the patient and the patient’s spouse or partner must complete a battery of pre-screening tests for infectious disease and send those results for our review. (See the attached sheet for these tests). When we have reviewed your questionnaire and medical record and received results of the attached tests, and the results are within normal limits or not clinically significant, we will contact you and your physician to schedule further evaluation and treatment.

    • Required pre-treatment evaluation should be conducted by your personal physician or allergy specialist.

    • The following laboratory tests should be performed to rule out prior to treatment.

      • Laboratory Orders for Human Seminal Plasma Hypersensitivity Pre-treatment Evaluation
        • Male testing to ensure a normal PSA and to rule out:
          HSVI and II
          Hepatitis B and C

        • Female should have a normal pap smear in the past year and testing to rule out:
          HSVI and II
          Hepatitis B and C
          Chronic vulvovaginal candidiasis
          Human Papilloma Virus

        • For both male and female, a skin prick test should be performed to the following allergens (this can be done during your appointment):
        • DUST MITE  

      • For Intravaginal Graded Challenge:
        All patients are candidates for intravaginal graded challenge to dilutions of whole seminal fluid. This procedure takes 1-2 days. Insurance can be billed for this procedure which has been effective in over 90% of cases. If for some reason this approach is not effective or incompletely effective then subcutaneous desensitization (see below) using fractionated seminal plasma proteins can be performed but the patient will be responsible for all costs incurred with this procedure (see invoice).

        For intravaginal graded challenge, patients must bring a two day pooled ejaculate sample to the appointment which will be used for skin testing and treatment. Both the patient and her spouse/sexual partner will be skin tested to whole seminal plasma and two tubes of blood (serum separator tubes) will be collected before and after treatment for analysis of specific IgE antibody to whole seminal plasma proteins.

      • For Subcutaneous Desensitization only if intravaginal graded challenge is not successful:
        From each male and female, collect four 10 ml serum separator tubes of blood (e.g., Vacutainer red top tube with separator gel and clot activator). Leave at room temperature until blood clots, about 1 hour, then centrifuge and remove serum. Serum can be stored at 4°C (refrigerator) up to 3 days prior to shipping.

        Please collect and send a 6 day pooled seminal fluid ejaculate from your sexual partner. Seminal fluid should be collected on consecutive days in a sterile specimen container (store in the refrigerator each day until all samples are collected in the one container). The serum tubes and seminal plasma samples should be packed to prevent leakage or breakage (i.e., in a sealed ziplock bag or biohazard bag in a styrofoam tube container and shipped using an overnight carrier. Send the specimens on wet ice. Please coordinate the collection of all specimens so they will be received earlier in the work week (i.e., Monday or Tuesday).

        SHIP TO:
        Attn: Dr. Jonathan Bernstein
        Allergy Laboratory
        University of Cincinnati
        3255 Eden Ave #350
        Cincinnati, OH 45267-0563
        For questions call 513-558-5068 to speak with the Allergy Laboratory

        For Intravaginal graded challenge we will bill your insurance for all related clinical work. You will be responsible for the cost of the laboratory test to measure specific IgE to seminal plasma which is $250. A check payable to UC physicians is required at the time of your visit for this test.

        For subcutaneous desensitization insurance cannot be billed due to the amount of laboratory and clinical work involved.

  2. Invoice for subcutaneous seminal plasma allergy  [ return to top ]
    • Cost for laboratory evaluation – include isolation of seminal plasma protein and serologic assays to measure specific seminal plasma allergic IgE antibodies – $2,000

    • Cost for clinical treatment – includes skin testing to seminal plasma allergens and desensitization to relevant seminal plasma proteins - $2,000

    • Total cost for evaluation and treatment: $4,000

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